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  • Launched the Core Strengths RQ Zoom integration that allows you to get collaboration and communication tips in the moment. Click here to learn more.

  • We’ve added a new Reasons video to Discover that walks users through understanding why people use specific strengths.

  • We’ve been working behind the scenes on building a new feature for Bespoke Training where you can create and present custom training using Core Strengths content.


Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a bug that was causing company logos not to appear on the header.

  • Overdone Strengths Button Styling issue in Discover > Strengths

  • Site Admin > Credits: Dead Link/404 Fixed

  • Strengths/Overdone Strengths Toggle button breaks in Slovenian Discover > Results

  • "Add Class" Screen Locks if Facilitator and Co-Facilitator are the same Facilitator

  • Coach Academy alignment of Paragraph next to Checkbox

  • Table Alignment Account > Credits

  • Promotions table change detection / horizontal scroll bar

  • Alignment issue in Compare 2.0: (Height of columns)

  • Admin Portal: Fixed a validation issue on the “Website” form while editing an Account’s Details.