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The Gateway to Team Cooperation

Here at Core Strengths, we’re focused on helping you elevate collaboration, especially as much of your teams are now working remotely. Since SDI 2.0 is foundational for stronger team cooperation, we’ve focused our efforts on making our award-winning assessment more accessible than ever before. Big picture, we’ve put a lot of time into making it more useful and easier for you to send invitations.

Sending Assessment and Account Invitations



Step 1:
Sign in to the platform at Then, click on the Assess tab.

Step 2: Click on the Invite + button in blue.

Step 3:
Enter recipients emails into the Recipients Field to Add Members

  • Recipients (Type or copy and paste up to 100 emails at a time)

  • Credits (You may purchase additional credits at the end of this invitation if needed)

  • Labels (Organize your invitations and create new labels on the fly)

Step 4:
Customize your assessment invitations

  • Email Subject Line

  • Due Date

  • Email Body

If you have the required credits, your invitation will be sent if Step 4 is unnecessary. If you need to purchase additional credits you will be re-directed to stripe to complete your invitation and purchase credits.

Step 4 (Conditional):
Users with SDI 2.0 Results will not need an assessment invitation and will not use a credit. They will receive an Account Invitation email instead where they can opt-in to the account. If the user already has SDI 2.0 results in another account, this is the email they will receive to opt-in. They will not have to complete the SDI again.

Account Invitation Copy:

Code Block
Welcome %{member_first_name},

You have been invited to %{account_name} and you have the opportunity to opt-in. If you accept, your results may be shared in this account. You can also opt-out if you’d rather not join the account.

By opting in, you can develop your Relationship Intelligence, improve collaboration, and build better teams.

Let's get started. Follow the link below to visit your account.


The Core Strengths Team
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Step 5 (Conditional):
Purchase necessary credits to send your invitation if you have insufficient credits.

Send Assessment Invites & Purchase Credits in One Step

Until now, you’ve had to purchase credits, add users to an Account, and send Assessment Invitations all in separate steps. What if you could do all of these in one simple workflow? Well now you can! Our new Invite and Credit purchase workflow allows you to enter the desired Invitee’s email address and the system will check to see if this person requires a credit and/or invitation. If they do, the system will use the Account’s credits first (for non-Member roles), but if Account credits are exhausted will take you through the In-App Purchasing process so you can purchase the credits you need at the same time as sending the Invitations. The system will calculate the number of credits needed, and how much it will cost you to purchase them.

If you want to purchase credits separately from sending invites you can still do that by clicking “Add Credits” from the Member list on Assess. Members that want to send Invites cannot use the Credits in the Account’s Credit pool; they must purchase credits for the invitations that they send.


Note, this button is not visible to Members.

Reclaim Unused Credits

All those outstanding and unused assessment invitations you might have, you can now easily reclaim those credits. Simply click the trash can icon to remove your invite and get your credit back. (This will remove the invitee from the account but you can always invite them again later.) Remember that this must be done BEFORE the Invitation is accepted and the user has created an account.

When the trash can Icon is clicked the system will prompt the user to enter the invitee’s email address into a form to confirm that the Invitation should be revoked. The credit will be returned to the Account pool, unless the invitation was sent by a Member in which case it will be returned to the Member that purchased it.

Lastly, we just want to say thank you for all you do to help people grow and improve how they relate to the people around them. Because when relationships work, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.


The Core Strengths Team

P.s. See more Release Notes and Product Updates here.