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Here’s a quick glance at some of this summer’s improvements to the Core Strengths Platform.


Where’s my report?

Many of you have chatted in and asked how to find your SDI 2.0 Personalized Report PDF. First of all, we’re thrilled that you want to go back and review your results. Secondly, we heard you, and we just made it easier than ever to find it.


Best-in-class Delivery Tools

Demo Users and Classes

With each new Account, a DEMO Class is added with Demo Users as Learners. This gives facilitators the ability to preview the class functionality and sample the Digital Learner Guide. Added bonus: with demo users added in each account, anyone can see the power of Compare and Teams to help improve collaboration and boost team performance.


Improved Facilitator Experience

Easily access the digital Facilitator Manual in each section of the virtual Facilitator Certification Checklist, now complete with direct links to the different sections of the manual.

We’ve also made it easier to promote your classes with new downloadable email teasers for Core Strengths: Results Through Relationships workshops. Find the new email teasers in Train > Resources > Tools.

Easily Purchase SDI 2.0 Credits on Demand

If you’ve ever needed a few extra Assessment Credits in a hurry, we think you’ll like this. SDI 2.0 credits can now be purchased directly from the Assess tab in any account. (The Assess tab is only visible to Account Owners, Admins, Coaches, and Facilitators.)


Privacy by Design

Privacy and security are our highest values as a company. Here are a few improvements we’ve made to give you peace of mind about how your data is even more secure.