Release Notes 21.9 - April 12, 2021

New and Improved

  • A fully updated language selector allows users to see language options in their native locale

  • Class Evaluations are now optional when setting up a class, and evaluation emails are now sent upon taking attendance and/or finalizing the class

  • Invite and Reminder Email experience improvements

  • We’ve added an example Action Planner (filled out) for all languages in Train Resources

Behind the Scenes

  • Copy improvements for all our supported languages

  • Permission improvements – Facilitators can only assign a class to themselves and a co-facilitator now

  • Bug fixes to improve performance

  • UI updates for a better user experience

  • New feature development to revolutionize meetings, messages, and conversations

Language Update

  • Portuguese (Brazil) is available and the Presenter is nearly complete

  • We’ve begun translation work on Parisian French

Please refer to the Supported Language page for more details.