Core Strengths Platform Update - May 2021

Here’s a quick glance at some new improvements to the Core Strengths Platform.

Self-Serve Credits are now available.

Easily purchase credits on-demand, right from your Core Strengths account. If you’ve ever tried to create a class but were a few credits short, then you’ll understand how big this is. Now, account owners, admins, and facilitators can easily purchase credits Training Credits right when you need them.


You can still purchase SDI 2.0 credits in Assess, but now you can purchase Training Credits in Train when you need a few more for your class invites. Simply click the new “Add Credits” button, and you’ll be directed to our new store.


Select how many credits you need, and you’ll be ready to checkout.


This summer’s outlook just got brighter.

Coming This Summer: Core Strengths for Outlook

Soon, you’ll get personalized communication tips for every email and meeting directly in your inbox. Now it’s possible to tailor your approach to custom-fit each person you work with – right when you need it.


Platform Tips All in One Place

“How-to” videos for all things Platform are now all in one place. If there’s a question about how to do something, we’ve probably answered it here.


Remember, when relationships work, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.


Until next time,

The Core Strengths Team