FAQs for Facilitators

This page contains the answers to these frequently asked questions:

Website Questions


Why am I seeing odd words on the Core Strengths website?

We likely deployed a change at the same time you accessed the site. Hit Refresh on your browser window. 

How can I report bad grammar on the Core Strengths website?

Take a screenshot of the error and send a request via https://help.cruciallearning.com.

Invitation Questions


Why do I need to send an invitation to a learner in my organization who's already taken a class?

The learner needs to know that you're adding them to a class. The class invitation acts as a reminder to the learner, giving them the date, time, and location for the class. 

I sent an invitation to one of my learners but they haven't received my invitation to take the SDI assessment. Why is that?

  1. Follow the steps in Add or Reschedule a Learner to a Class.
  2. Verify that you've entered their correct email address.
  3. Check if the Invited At status is no longer blank or empty.
  4. Ask your company IT if facilitator@corestrengths.com is whitelisted. If so, ask them to remove the whitelisting. 

Contact us at https://help.cruciallearning.com for any further questions. 

I invited a learner to a class, but they never took the SDI 2.0 assessment. Will the credits that I assigned to that leaner be credited back to my account?

Yes, if the learner hasn't taken the SDI assessment by the time the class has ended, the credits will be put back into your account. 

For more information on credits and balances, see Check Your SDI 2.0 and Learner Toolkit Credits and History.

If I invite a learner from a previous class to a new class, will it use one of my SDI credits?

No. If a learner has completed the SDI assessment, an SDI credit isn't deducted from your account. However, anytime you add a leader to a class, whether they've completed the SDI Assessment or not, a Learner Toolkit credit is deducted from your account.

For more information on credits and balances, see Check Your SDI 2.0 and Learner Toolkit Credits and History.

Facilitator Questions


I was a facilitator at my previous company, but am at a new company now. Can I become a facilitator in my new company?

Yes. Contact at https://help.cruciallearning.com with your request and the date, you attended a virtual or public certification class.

Class Questions


What is the class size limit?

There is a limit of 99 learners per class. 

I am on the self-debrief pages and can't get into my profile to find my Presenter key. What should I do?

Finish the self-debrief pages, and then follow the steps in Find Your Core Strengths Presenter (CSP) Key.

I can't create a class even though I filled out all the required fields. What should I do?

  1. In the Facilitator dropdown menu, check that a facilitator is selected. 
  2. Refresh your browser window. 

How can I change the class facilitator? 

See Replace a Facilitator for a Class.

Can I add a co-faciliator to a class?

No. A class can only have one designated facilitator. If you'd like to change the designated facilitator, see Replace a Facilitator for a Class.

Can I edit a learner's email address in a class I created?

You cannot edit a learner's email address. Instead, follow the steps in Remove a Learner From a Class and then re-add them with the updated information. 

Why am I getting an error when I try to batch upload learners?

Follow the steps Add multiple learners by bulk upload in Add or Reschedule a Learner to a Class.

If you are using Windows, open the "sample.csv" file with Microsoft Excel and save it as CSV. 

Follow this format in the bulk CSV upload file:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Job title
    If you don’t want to enter a job title, include a hyphen ( - ) in this column.

Can I move a learner to another class?

See Add or Reschedule a Learner to a Class.

What happens if I remove a new learner from a class who has a pending or completed SDI assessment? Will I get my SDI 2.0 credit back?

No. After a learner takes the SDI, the SDI credit is removed from your account, regardless if they attend the class or not.

If the learner doesn't attend the class and you mark them as absent, the Learner Toolkit credit will be re-issued back to you. See Take Attendance for a Class

Be careful about adding people and sending invitations, and double-check that all email addresses are correct. 

How do I download a certificate for a learner who completed the SDI 2.0 through the Inventory?

You can only download certificates for learners who've taken the SDI 2.0 through an attended class.

How do I generate batch reports from my class?

See Print SDI 2.0 Assessment Results for a Class

How do I fix the broken characters in my CSV file?

See I have weird characters in my csv file on the WebCollect website.

Can I edit a class that's ended?

After you take the class attendance, and 36 after the class is completed, you can no longer edit the class, add or remove learners, or remind learners to take the SDI 2.0 assessment.

What is my Facilitator Rating based on? 

Your facilitator rating is based on the average of responses from three class evaluation questions:

7. The facilitator was knowledgeable about the content.

8. The facilitator effectively led an engaging learning experience.

9. I would want to attend other courses led by this facilitator.

What questions are my Learners asked on the Class Evaluation? 

To view the questions your Learners receive in the Class Evaluation, select a past Class, and on the Class Details page click your score. This will show you the responses for that particular class, and display the questions asked.

How do I determine which class type to use when creating a new class?

Core Strength Presenter Questions

How do I find my Presenter key? See Find Your Core Strengths Presenter (CSP) Key
How to I get the CSP to stop asking for my Presenter key at every launch? See Stop the CSP From Asking for Your Presenter Key at Every Launch.
I'm not able to hide my presenter slides during a session. What should I do? See Reset the Core Strengths Presenter (CSP).