With Core Strengths for Outlook, you now get personalized communication tips for every email and meeting, directly in your inbox. Now it’s possible to tailor your approach to custom-fit each person you work with – right when you need it.

Receive personalized communication tips to help you:

  • Have productive meetings

  • Know what to say (and what not to say) even if there’s conflict

  • Craft subject lines that elicit a positive response

  • Write clearer emails that resonate

  • Understand how to approach difficult conversations

Master multiple communication styles and build trust.

Get the Core Strengths Add-On

Installation Guides:

Desktop Client
Outlook Web Client


Microsoft requires that your organization be on a Microsoft 365 Business License to enable Add-Ins.

Microsoft Support Doc: What Microsoft 365 business product or license do I have?

Microsoft has made app integration context-specific. This means that you must re-open the panel when you switch between functions in their system.

The 3 views we support are Reading Emails, Writing Emails, and Setting up Meetings.

You can only pin the reading view to ensure the panel stays open while viewing multiple emails make sure the Pin on the tab is filled vs outlined like the image below.


If your Add-Ons for Microsoft 365 Business are managed by your IT department they can easily install them for the entire organization.

If each user manages their own license, each user will need to install the add-on on their own.