Core Strengths Platform Update: October 18, 2022

Web Property (

  • Changes to Support Total Teams Pricing:

    • Account > Credits: Do not show in Arena Sub Accounts

    • remove credit management in arena account

    • Remove Credit References from Assess Invite Flow (Assess & Coach)

    • remove credit related content edit class fine print

    • remove credit related content in facilitator dashboard

    • remove credit related content in remove invitation modal for arena account

    • remove credit related fields in Credit Inventory Header

    • whitelist emails and domain

    • auto populate assessment deadline with account expiration date for Arena account

    • only allow whitelisting in arena account

  • Add disclaimer to class information page regarding Invitee’s not being sync’d to CSP

  • Bug Fixes

    • Salutation incorrect in the invite email preview

    • Remove sdi status sort for members list

MS Teams:

  • Ux to handle use-case when the app has not been approved by the System Admin for use.