May 2023 Release Notes

May 11th, 2023


  • We’ve added a new status on the class details page that reads “Needs Class Invite” when learners are bulk uploaded to a class and have a MVS record

  • On the class details page, you can now see when a user was invited to a class and when a user was reminded to take the assessment by hovering over the SDI 2.0 status field.

  • We’ve added fuzzy search to the classes page which searches for text that matches a term closely instead of exactly. This will make it easier to find classes.

  • In the zoom app, we’ve added the ability to search for accounts on the account page.


  • We’ve fixed a bug that was cutting off the Core Strengths logo on the mobile app.

May 22nd, 2023


  • Users who are removed from an account and have credits will now have those credits reassigned to the account pool.

  • We’ve added a modal to the class details page to inform facilitators that they cannot remind a user who already has an SDI record. This modal will also tell the facilitators that they can not remind learners that have been bulk uploaded to a class since they need to be invited after bulk-upload.

  • The new CSP has been added to Train > Resources for Windows users. Mac users will receive a modal that lets them know that to access the latest CSP they will have to submit a request to have a USB sent by mail to them to install the new CSP. This is a temporary fix as we await a fix from Adobe that will solve the issue with Mac users installing the latest CSP version.

  • We’ve made some improvements to page loading times that include avatars.

Admin-dot/Partner Portal

  • We’ve added fuzzy search to the accounts and users pages. This will make it easier to find accounts and users by searching by name or email.

  • You can now sort by plan type on the accounts page.


  • We continue to make progress on our Slack integration

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