August 2023 Release Notes

August 30th, 2023


Arena Growth Plan Launch

  • Arena, Total Teams & Arena Growth plans are now licensed based plan models.

  • Arena Growth Plan is a new plan type that allows for in-app-purchasing (IAP) of user licenses and is limited to 25 members. Please review the attached video for a detailed walkthrough of our newest plan!

  • AGP is a new plan type that allows up to 25 members in an account.

  • Members are invited via in-app-purchasing of user licenses

  • Partners can create AGP without help from the direct team

  • AGP has the same account settings as Arena or Total teams including access to Teams, Compare, and all of our integrations.

  • When creating an AGP account, the plan will have a default churn guard of 15%. Churn guard is the percentage of users that can be removed from an account that refunds a license back to the account.

  • Users with the “Partner Owner” role will not be counted to the member limit. If a partner associate is not designated as a “Partner Owner” they will count to the member limit.


  • Remove Account Functionality

    • On the ‘switch account screen’, we have restored access to the remove function to allow users to remove accounts they no longer need from their ‘switch account screen’
      See img 1

  • Partner member count visibility

    • To allow our Partners to have the same information visible on credit based plans, a new license count widget has been added within
      see img 2

  • Business Development Credits within licensed based plan types

    • To allow our Partner Owners to easily set up new customers within Arena Growth, we have made some adjustments. Partner Owners can now transfer credits to licensed based plan types

  • Name Tent Fix

    • resolves issues in downloading Name Tent for users and language translations.

Img 1 - Remove Account Functionality




  • Class editing once locked

    • Once a class has been completed and attendance has been finalized, we have now locked all fields to protect the information that is being Synced to your Core Strengths Presenter. Locking these fields ensures that there are no changes made which may prevent the learners from accessing class documentation after the class has been completed.

  • Role View Parity for Assess tab

    • Congruence amongst page views is important to allow peer education as our users explore the platform. All roles should see the assessment results header instead of the invitation instructions within the Arena plan type. Admins/Owners will see certain additional fields based on their role privileges.

  • Coach Updates

    • Template Toggle On/Off - To allow owners to determine templates and guidelines for their coaches within an account, we have updated options within the account settings. Account owners can now mark old templates as inactive and create new templates for their Coach/Coachees to use
      Account >> Coaching | img 3

    • General template update - We have updated your base templates within coach. Visit your Coach tab to view these updated templates

    • Presentation of Conversation page w/ Coach - Coaches who have been removed from the account have their information hidden automatically. Those previous coaching sessions may still be valuable to the Coachee. We have unlocked the ability for Coach users to see past conversations regardless of Coach status.

  • Removal of white spaces -



August 10th, 2023



We’re continuing to make improvements on our large commitments with a focus on Arena Growth Plan Launch





  • Coach Updates -

    • Visible back button -
      As a user I would like to easily navigate through the coaching templates. To ensure that all users within Coach can navigate easily we have added an easy navigation back button.
      image 1

    • Created the ability to keep conversations within conversation table, even if coach or coachee are no longer active within the account

  • Sidebar Loading

    • We have added a visible signal that the application is loading when accessing the main website. This should reduce confusion during times your browser may be slow to load.

  • Account Address Fields -

    • Core Strengths has always provided relationship intelligence training and support to many international partners. Our site has now been updated to ensure that we can support Accounts in stateless/province-less countries. Ex : Cayman Islands, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Monaco, Andorra, Vatican

    • Visible within App Dot & Admin Dot

  • Updated Communications | image 2

    • User Invitation Reminders -
      When inviting a new user to the platform, it is important they receive multiple invitation emails until the SDI assessment has been completed. We have updated the new user invitation communication cadence to ensure all new users receive their invite and can get started w/Core Strengths.

      • Email Reminder Cadence

        • 1 day after creation

        • 7 days after creation

        • 1 day prior to the deadline

    • Updated Email Copy