September 2023 Release Note

Sept 29th, 2023




Customer Analytics is coming soon!

  • This new feature can then be used to improve your relationship intelligence training within your team. Find opportunities to expand your teams knowledge and monitor utilization of the tool.

Compare v2 Coming Soon!

  • We are working on a large upgrade to our current Compare tool. This new update, should bring increased visibility to the RQ Insights.


  • Sign up Form Submission Error

    • Some users have experienced an error on initial submission of the Sign Up form, when following invitation email link.
      This bug has been resolved. And smooth sign up process should be expected for all new users.

  • Default Locale update freezing reports

    • Many of our users are multi-lingual and may transition their default locale using the language picker located within the footer of our platform. You can transition to a new default locale and instantly update all personalized reports relating to the users SDI 2.0 findings|
      img 1


  • Revamp of Partner Resource Page

    • Wide-sweeping improvements have been made to the Partner Resource page located in admin dot

      • Adding New Resources

      • Updated Links

      • Reorganization of existing resources

      • New tile graphics
        img 2

  • Partner becomes default account owner for new accounts

    • To make it easier for our partners to onboard new customers, we have now made the partner the default account owner for any accounts created as a Partner. This should provide our partners with the correct visibility to get new clients up and running

  • Notification updates

    • We have updated our notifications to ensure they represent the most current request state. If a user sends and unsends a connection request. The request is now removed from the target users view.