Core Strengths Analytics Feature

The new Analytics feature in the Core Strengths Platform provides tools for visualizing your organization’s SDI 2.0 data. With Core Strengths Analytics, you can:

Generate org-level views - See aggregate trends for the Motives Triangle, Conflict Triangle, Strengths Portrait, and Overdone Strengths Portrait for large groups of members.

Apply filters - Filter based on labels and/or date ranges to understand motives and strengths for specific company departments or time periods.


Export data - Extract data files to support additional analyses and reporting for Motives, Conflict, Strengths, and Overdone Strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, check you plan type and Core Strengths permissions/role.

The account must have an active Total Teams, Arena, or Arena Growth license plan with Core Strengths. Members with Account Owner, Account Admin, or Partner Owner role types will also have access to this feature.

If you do not have this plan type, you will need to upgrade and/or discuss with your account rep. If you don’t know your account rep, please contact

You can filter the data either by using labels or date ranges.

The data export does not contain any participant data. It only contains the data used to create the graphs. If filters are applied, the export will produce a CSV with those filters applied.

You can pull member data via our Data Export feature located on the Account tab in the platform. You must be a admin or member to access.

The Current Member count includes assessments in progress. The Analytics graphs and sections only include assessments completed.