December 2023 Release Note



Data Analytics is coming soon!

  • Our latest innovation, the Data Export Tool, is designed to revolutionize how you manage and utilize your data. With this tool, you can effortlessly export large volumes of data from our platform in a highly compatible CSV file, providing you with the flexibility to work with your data in the way that best suits your needs.

    Compare v2 (2).png

Compare v2 Updates!

  • We are working on a large upgrade to our current Compare tool. This new update, should bring increased visibility to the RQ Insights.


App Dot

  • Replace user email with job title in Compare modal and adjust filter label in all tables
    - To maintain GDPR compliance, we have corrected user labeling throughout our website. The Compare table has been updated to ensure users are listed by name and job title in lieu of email to reduce exposed user PII within an account

  • Update dashboard carousel to feature Compare
    -Within the dashboard page, we display pivotal features for our users. With the launch of Compare v2 Release 1, the compare focused dashboard card should appear first.


Admin Dot

  • Account overview card calculations
    - updates have been made to the account overview page (visible by partners & PSP Owners ONLY) Account overview now calculates all user currency types used for site access

  • hide add/remove dropdown on non-partner account credit form
    - As a PSPOwner within our admin pages, I would like to only see the ability to edit credits from my Partner Account or within accounts w/an assigned partner


  • Allow Facilitator to +add Learners w/out sending invites
    - Many of our facilitators would like to prepare for classes early. We have now updated the system to allow you to add Learners to a class w/out invites being sent automatically. Facilitators can now notify all Learners when they are ready to take next steps!!

  • Batch invite upload now triggers regular invite flow
    - Uploading users in bulk through the ‘Assess’ page will now prompt you with the same user experience as the individual invitation entries. It will ensure the correct license/credits are assigned and prompt the user for additional credits/license to be purchased if necessary

  • Hide labels column and labels filters for all members
    - To ensure data privacy, we are hiding the labels column for all members. Elevated roles will still be able to see labels created manually our automatically through class creation

  • Hide ‘Assess’ page when Member ↔ Member invitations are turned off (Member ONLY)
    - Member roles can not utilize any functionality within assess if Member ↔ Member invitation setting is deactivated for an account. We will now hide the ‘Assess’ page to avoid any user confusion

  • Remove Facilitator from Class Teams
    - Facilitators would like to be able to easily focus on their team and compare class SDI results for training. We have now removed the facilitator from the class generated teams to allow for easier presentations.