February 2024



Data Export is coming soon!

  • Our latest innovation, the Data Export Tool, is designed to revolutionize how you manage and utilize your data. With this tool, you can effortlessly export large volumes of data from our platform in a highly compatible CSV file, providing you with the flexibility to work with your data in the way that best suits your needs.


Compare v2 (2).png

Compare v2 Release 2 is coming soon!

  • We are working on a large upgrade to our current Compare tool. This new update, should bring increased visibility to the RQ Insights.
    Release 2 - This release brings new user insights, endorsements, & the ability to save insights for users



Compare v2 (5).png





  • Mobile App: Not all Demo Characters show up in Arena Accounts
    - certain demo characters did not appear within the iOS/Android mobile app. This bug has been resolved



  • use license wording in AGP plans
    - updating verbiage on certain pages to clarify which SDI currency is being used at the time. Currency should reflect plan type and billing structure; i.e ‘seats’, ‘license’ for subscription based plan types

  • allow account form to be submitted
    - minor bug did not allow account form to be submitted when changing plan type from our admin portal. This was immediately resolved. Full functionality has been restored

  • menu breakpoint issue
    - when viewport shrinks, the header search/filter component within each table breaks. This has been resolved. You can now search/filter within all tables



  • Slack improvements
    - update welcome message
    - updated display subcategory headers for tip



  • add email column to learner table
    - reintroducing email column to learner table. This allows facilitators to easily send class invitations

  • Assess Invite Email
    - Update signature to reflect person inviting member

  • Allow partners to use BDCs/BDLs
    - Bring the business development currency into app.corestrengths.com to improve the partners workflow



  • toggle off and hide team creation for train plans
    - Improves users ability to use Train by showing them only the information they want to see, Train plan types can have teams auto-created from classes, or create custom teams. Over time, teams can now be hidden to reduce confusion when utilizing this feature

  • add data export log table
    - this is a mirror of the Data Export log seen by account owners/admins. This additional visibility will allow us to better support users if there are any questions regarding this feature