January 2024



Data Export is coming soon!

  • Our latest innovation, the Data Export Tool, is designed to revolutionize how you manage and utilize your data. With this tool, you can effortlessly export large volumes of data from our platform in a highly compatible CSV file, providing you with the flexibility to work with your data in the way that best suits your needs.


Compare v2 (2).png

Compare v2 Release 2 is coming soon!

  • We are working on a large upgrade to our current Compare tool. This new update, should bring increased visibility to the RQ Insights.
    Release 2 - This release brings new user insights, endorsements, & the ability to save insights for users



Compare v2 (5).png



  • count users with sdi when checking member limit
    - a minor bug was creating an issue with member limit workflow within the app.corestrengths.com for all users & account types that have a member limit. This issue has been resolved

  • member limit calculation for class invite.
    - minor bug calculated the member limit incorrectly when inviting new users to an account using the class invite workflow. This issue has been resolved

  • implement collapsable strengths
    - UI issue with strengths pyramid within the Compare tool. The strengths pyramid now collapses into a “mini view” when viewport is below the optimal size. This issue has been resolved

  • update packages to fix sso bug
    - SSO bug creates challenges with new self registration SSO users. This issue has been resolved

  • exclude demo users from account roles check
    - demo users should not be counted within any account settings checks. Member limit, account roles, invitation status should all ignore demo users when reporting back data. This issue has been resolved and all user counts are functioning as expected



Admin Dot

  • change credit verbiage for pilot accounts
    - For all PSPOwners, credit verbiage has been updated within admin dot to make it clearer to note differences between assessment currency