March 2024


Data Export LAUNCHED!

  • Data Export launched March 14th. It is currently live in our Core Strengths Global account to allow everyone the opportunity to familiarize themselves with this tool. I have included a few support resources below.

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Data Export Guide
Data Export Feedback Survey



Compare v2 - Release 2

  • We are working on a large upgrade to our current Compare tool. This new update, should bring increased visibility to the RQ Insights.



  • Key Admin Dot Updates

    • New Settings - This update marks the addition of 4 new ‘Account Features’ that can be managed directly through admin dot for all accounts. This allows PSPOwners to enable specific platform tools; Compare, Teams, Develop & Train

    • Remove/Add License/Credits - This update allows PSP Owners to more easily add/remove all SDI currency within Admin Dot. This should reduce our reliance on the Site Administration pages within App Dot.

  • Added translated Bespoke Slide - We have added additional languages to our bespoke slide presentations.

    • Japanese (ja-jp)          German (de-de)

    • Danish (da-dk)            Dutch (nl-nl)

    • French (fr-fr)               Italian (it-it)

    • Thai (th-th)                  Cantonese (zh-hk)

    • Indonesian (id-id)        Vietnamese (vi-vn)

  • Notification updates

    • We have updated our notifications to ensure they represent the most current request state. If a user sends and unsends a connection request. The request is now removed from the target users view.