Release Notes Mar 10, 2020

New & Improved

  • Now you can Preview and Customization you Class Invitations


  • New Manage Labels features enable Removing Labels.

  • “Count” shows the number of users with a specific label.

  • Expanded Character Limit for Label Names (200 Char).

Search & Filter

  • New and Improved ‘Filter Bar’ with Filter By: Labels, SDI Status, Invitation Status and Name.

  • 'Select All' is now in the column list.

  • Filter members by Connection Status in Compare

Other Improvements

  • CSP SYNC Button can be turned 'OFF' after Class has ended and Attendance is finalized.

  • Updated text and animation on the Welcome page.

  • You can add yourself back in Compare view if you’ve selected other people to compare results.

  • Improved Promotion Coupons can now be reused.

  • Now you can remove your company logo and profile picture.