Core Strengths Platform Privacy by Design Update - April 2020

Here at Core Strengths, we value our customer’s privacy. This isn’t just lip-service, we approach every design and every policy with your privacy and protection in mind. While we believe that Relationship Intelligence really flourishes when users can securely and confidently share and have visibility into each other’s SDI results, we also want to respect everyone’s right to determine who they share their results with.

User Account Opt-in

Now, every new account you’re invited to comes with the ability to Opt-In or Opt-Out. Opting in allows an account to share your results with other members of that account. If the account has open sharing, you can automatically see each other’s SDI results. If that account has a “connections only” account setting, then you will still have to connect with others to see their results. In addition, you may choose to Opt-Out of an account you’re invited to, and then your SDI results will not be accessible by that account. Our latest release update also allows you to more easily manage and remove accounts as well.

See how Opt-In works:

User Account Updates

Changing your email address in your Profile will require password confirmation. This is to ensure that changes to your personal information are only initiated and maintained by you.

Session Timeout

For your security, we will timeout open sessions on the Core Strengths Platform every 36 hours from the time you log in. The 36 hours session time out will usually occur after hours (assuming you log in every morning). Our ultimate desire is not to interrupt your work while keeping your account safe and data secure.

Remember, when relationships work, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.


The Core Strengths Team

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