Core Strengths Platform (and Presenter) Update - June 2020

The Ultimate Virtual Delivery Experience is Now Global

Last month, we launched a new group exercise for virtual delivery of our flagship workshop, Results through Relationships. Now, that update is available in 8 languages (includes the Queen’s English).

Simply download or update to the new Core Strengths Presenter 4.8.3.

Empower your teams to meet remotely, learn virtually, and collaborate productively from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Training Made Easy.

With virtual collaboration on everyone’s minds, our Master Facilitators provide some practical tips to help you leap technology hurdles and deliver like a pro. This is available in Train > Resources > Instructions. Or you can watch now:

Bonus: We’ve added 3 example Results through Relationships virtual sessions under Train > Resources > Workshops.

Facilitator Manual Update

Our latest version of the Core Strengths Results through Relationships Facilitator Manual is now available as a PDF reader version here. Also, if you’d like to download replacement pages that include the new Virtual Cave Rescue Activity, download them here.

Collaborate Across Continents


Core Strengths delivers personalized insight to adjust your approach with the people around you. Learning to speak another person’s language is no longer just metaphorical, you can actually change languages on demand. Just look at the footer of the site, and select the language of your choice. See our list of supported languages here.



Remember, when relationships work, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.



The Core Strengths Team