How To Use Core Strengths for Microsoft Teams

Improve interactions with communication tips tailored to others' styles.

Thriving relationships are essential for team performance. Unfortunately, hybrid teamwork creates barriers to authentic connection. The Core Strengths app helps you adapt your communication style to your teammates' personalities. Collaborate in a way that fosters team relationships using personalized insights embedded where work happens.

Users are empowered with Relationship Intelligence to accelerate authentic team connections.

  • Adapt your communication style: Access real-time tips during live video meetings to shape the discussions that matter most

  • Run productive meetings: Prepare for upcoming video meetings by tailoring agendas and action items to team needs

Note: To use the MS Teams app, you must have an account with Core Strengths. Additionally, this app requires admin consent. Contact us at

How to Install the App

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How to Grant Admin Approval

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How to Get Started

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The app requires administrator consent, meaning your IT department likely needs to make the app available for download or push the app to all users in your organization. We recommend your IT administrators follow Microsoft’s documentation to enable the app.

If the app is enabled for download, you can follow these instructions to install the app.

A colleague can send you an invite to complete the assessment from the app, depending on your Core Strengths account settings. If not, please contact your Core Strengths account administrator for an invitation.

Yes! While you can only be logged into one account at a time, you can switch the account by clicking on your avatar in the app on the top right in the app’s dashboard.

You can only view or connect with members in your Core Strengths account. If external meeting invitees are members of your Core Strengths account, you will be able to connect and/or view their results in the app.

You likely need permission from your IT department. The app requires administrator consent to view and download. Please check with your IT department first. Then, please email for additional support.

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