How To Grant Admin Approval for the Core Strengths App in Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Log in to Microsoft’s Teams admin center. You must have a Global Admin or Teams Administrator role to access this page. Core Strengths does not manage this process or permissions.

Step 2: Search the Core Strengths app under Teams apps > Manage apps. Click on the Core Strengths app name.

Step 3: Confirm that the Status is Allowed. Then, toggle to the Permissions tab.

Step 4: Use the button “Review permissi…” to grant or review admin consent for the app. 

Step 5: Sign into the account again.

Step 6: Accept the permissions requested. Note - Core Strengths does not persist, harvest, or sell any data accessed through this integration. We request access to these features in Teams in order to populate our RQ insights and capture users’ email addresses to reference existing SDI results. 

Microsoft provides additional app management tasks within the same Teams admin center. Global admins for Teams might be interested in reviewing permission policies and setup policies for global account setup needs.