TSDI to SDI 2.0 FAQ for Internal Facilitators

Data Management





What happens to all the data in the TotalSDI system?

All the SDI self-assessment data will be brought over at no charge. 

Technically, who owns the data?

Each participant owns their personality - and therefore, they own their results and should be allowed to determine how their results are used. That’s why, in the new Platform, every person can choose to remove their data from any account they are in. The organization account also has an owner. The account owner owns the space where people can interact and share their assessment results with each other so they can build teams and access tips to improve their Relationship Intelligence.

What’s the last day I can use the TotalSDI System?

November 30, 2020. We advise that you download any reports you might want well in advance of this date.

How will the past participants that took the SDI in TotalSDI get access to their results?

Every participant with SDI results can get a free Basic account, where they can always access their results in the Core Strengths Platform. TotalSDI Participants can be invited to become a member of one or more accounts in the Platform, where they will be able to share their results with other members of the same account.

How do labels work? Or What happens to my session data?

Your TotalSDI data is organized like a hierarchy of folders: Clients, Groups, and Sessions. The names of these Clients, Groups, and Sessions will be exported as labels so you can search based on the names you created. You will be able to create new labels and apply as many labels as you want to each member. This way, you can run reports by location, function, or any other variable that is important to your organization.






What happens to my unused credits?

SDI Self Edition credits will be converted to SDI 2.0 credits at no charge. All other credits in the TotalSDI system will be assigned a cash value, which you can use in the new Platform for credits or one of our subscription offerings.

What’s the difference between assessment credits and training credits?

  1. Assessment credits are for the assessment. 

  2. Training credits are required for each Learner who will be added to a class. 

    1. The Learner gets:

      1. Access to the digital learner guide and action planner

      2. A free SDI 2.0 credit (in their Basic, personal account) after they complete the class evaluation

    2. The Facilitator gets:

      1. The ability to use class invitations and reminders

      2. The ability to schedule multiple sessions for a single class (and add meeting location details or internet joining instructions to each session)

      3. Class evaluation data is automatically summarized after the class.

      4. The ability to sync class data to the Core Strengths presenter so the group’s results can be used interactively, on-screen, during the class.

Can I create classes without buying training credits?

Yes and no. A training credit is required to add a person to a Results through Relationships class under the Train menu. However, you can use the Assess menu and create labels for each group of people you train. That way, you can manage group experiences with labels and only use the SDI 2.0 credits. Keep in mind, this means that you will not be able to sync class data to the presenter application, and the learners will not get access to the digital learner Guide, class evaluation, and the other benefits that come with the Training Credit.







Is my TotalSDI certification still good?

Absolutely. And there are some extra things we’d like to help you with. That’s why we are offering to get you the updated Core Strengths Facilitator Toolkit at a deep discount - or free if you decide to join us with a new subscription.

What’s different about training in the new system?

The Results through Relationships course is a structured training program with a proven, repeatable process. You also get the flexibility of hiding slides and changing your agenda with an Agenda Time-Planner.

What resources will I have access to?

We want to make it easy for you to get up to speed. So there are many videos, downloads, and built-in resources for facilitators. You will also get access to the Core Strengths Presenter, which is a revolutionary way to integrate group results with the presentation of the class.

Can I continue to use the Powerpoint slides I have used in the past?

If you have your own course designs, you are welcome to continue using the SDI 2.0 assessment to support your custom training programs.


Using the Platform





Can I get all the reports that I am used to?

Yes, but there will be some differences. However, we hope you get used to using the Core Strengths presenter and the teams function in the platform. Once you do, you will probably not want pdf reports as much as you used to. Also, every person owns their own results, and they can easily access the results online and they can download a pdf version if desired.

Do I have to be on a subscription?

Technically no, but we have bundled subscriptions with credits in such a way that you should realize cost savings in our subscription plans. Not being on a subscription also means that members in an organization will not be able to share their results with each other, make teams, or get real-time advice about how to improve their relationship intelligence.

Can I still have contract facilitators lead classes in my organization?

Yes. Just let us know which facilitators you would like to give access and we can set it up for you. Owners and Administrators also have the right to remove people from accounts. So if you stop working with an outside facilitator, you can remove them from the account and they will no longer have access to any data.