Credit Purchasing Rules

Who can purchase credits that get added to the account pool?

  • Account Owner

  • Account Admin

  • Facilitator


Who can purchase and reserve credits for their use only?

  • Account Member


How are the account roles configured by default for credit usage?

Every account defaults to the below setting and these settings can be updated by the Account Owner.

Picture of Credit Management in an Accounts > Settings page.

Default Settings

  • Account Owner (always checked, can’t be changed)

  • Account Admin (default checked)

  • Facilitator (default checked)

  • Account Coach (not checked by default)

  • Account Member (not checked by default)

  • Partner Associate (not checked by default)

Access to the credit pool is highly configurable by the account owner.


How is the Credit pool consumed while sending invites?

Picture of the Invitation Panel

When the user makes their choice, completes the configuration, and sends the invitations, the Credits will used in the following order:

Priority 1:
If the Member has purchased credits it will spend that pool first.

Priority 2:
Account credits, In-app Purchased Credits or a combination of both.