How to speed up admin approval?

Do you need approval to install the Core Strengths RQ app? Speed up your approval process by following these steps:

Step 1: Click “request pre-approval” from the Zoom App authorization page.

Step 2: Identify your zoom admin by signing into your Zoom account and selecting "Account Profile." The Account Owner line will have the email address of your organization's Zoom Account Admin.

Step 3: Loop in your security team by copy-pasting the template below.

Zoom Approval Email Request template:


Subject: Core Strengths for Zoom App Pre-Approval

Hi there,

I'm trying to install Core Strengths' free Zoom App so that our team can improve communication and collaboration within Zoom meetings!

You can 1-click approve Core Strengths RQ from their Zoom Marketplace listing page here:App Marketplace .

Core Strengths is a relationship intelligence platform that will help improve communication, collaboration, and team dynamics. If you have any concerns about how they handle privacy and security, here’s some additional information about Core Strengths:

  • Holds ISO 27001, Privacy Shield, and CyberEssentials certifications & regularly runs penetration tests

  • As a certified Zoom Apps Launch Partner, they've passed extensive application & security reviews from the Zoom team

  • Core Strengths does persist customer data and does not sell any data

If you have any questions, reach out to or at 760-602-0086 ext 1.