FAQs for users

This page contains the answers to these frequently asked questions:

Website questions


Why am I seeing odd words on the Core Strengths website?

We likely deployed a change at the same time you accessed the site. Hit Refresh on your browser window.

How can I report bad grammar on the Core Strengths website?

Take a screenshot of the error and reach out to us at https://help.cruciallearning.com.

Account questions


Why can't I access my account?

See Recover Your Account

What should I do if I don't remember my password?

See Reset Your Password.

Can you migrate my results to my new email address?

See Change Your Account Email Address

Report questions


How do I download my reports? 

See Downloading Reports in Your User Account and select the report you'd like to download.

Evaluation questions


I heard that I can get a free SDI credit to give to a friend if I evaluate my class facilitator. How do I do that?

See Evaluate Your Class Facilitator and Send an SDI 2.0 Assessment Credit to a Guest