Relationship Intelligence (RQ) Update - March 2020

Virtual Learner Tools for the Modern World

This isn’t an antiquated PDF. Our Digital Learner Toolkit is a personalized, smart learner guide that’s populated with each learner’s individual results. They can read along with the class content, fill in answers during the session, build action plans, save progress and refresh their learning again on any device. 

Empower your teams to meet remotely, train virtually, and collaborate productively from anywhere in the world.

Special Delivery (of the Virtual kind)!

Your virtual training capability just got a major upgrade. Now you can create multi-session virtual learning experiences, customize and preview the class invitations, and include virtual meeting links (like Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc.) for all your learners. So no matter where your teams are working from, you can train your teams to strengthen relationships and deliver results – even if they’re working from home.


Oh, and you can now add a co-facilitator to your classes! (Co-facilitators have the same rights as the Facilitator and can sync the class to the Core Strengths Presenter ).

Also, here’s a link to see our webinar on how to deliver effective virtual training.

Visibility Into Your Team Culture

Now, from Assess (in the main navigation), you can generate Team Triangle, Team Strengths, and Team Overdone Strengths Reports. Select your people and then select and generate the reports for composite views of the motives, conflict, strengths, and overdone strengths of your team. Visibility into the culture of your team relationships just got real.

Collaborate Across Continents

Our product is all about giving you personalized insight to adjust your approach with the people around you. Learning to speak another person’s language is no longer just metaphorical, you can actually change languages on demand. Just look at the footer of the site, and select the language of your choice. See our list of supported languages here.


Remember, when relationships work, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.



The Core Strengths Team

P.s. If you want to read more, see the full Release Notes.