How to Use Compare

Compare gives you visibility into your team's communication style so you can build your RQ with each person you work with. For every person you’re connected with, you can see:

  • Personalized insight on how to approach working together – even in conflict.

  • See their motives and strengths to see what best resonates with them.

  • Real-time communication tips for meetings, messages, and conversations.

See how it all works

Log in to the platform, click Compare and start strengthening relationships and improving team performance.

Why Can’t I Compare to the Person that I Wish to?

Assuming that all people in question have results on the Core Strengths platform, you must be connected in one of two ways:

  1. Either directly connected as shown in the video above or

  2. By sharing an Account that is set to “Open Results Sharing”.

If you cannot compare to someone that has SDI results, check both of those conditions.