How to Use Teams

Now you can have visibility into all of your team relationships. Teams helps you see what matters to your colleagues, understand their strengths, and get tips on how to be effective together.


The Teams page was created to allow regular account members (non-admins/facilitators) the ability to pull a group report together with their colleagues.

How it works/Permissions:

Accounts with open-sharing have the ability to pull anyone with a completed SDI into a team.

Accounts with closed-sharing require a connection to first be made from the Compare page before that account member can be pulled into a team.

Each account member can only see the teams they create from their own login. Account members, admins, or facilitators cannot see any teams created by their colleagues. Each person can only see the teams they create on their own Teams page.

Available Reports:

The following team reports can be downloaded to share with your colleagues.

  • MVS Dots on the Triangle

  • Conflict Sequence Arrows on the Triangle

  • Team Strengths Pyramid

(Click on the video below to see the demo)

How to build better teams

  • You can create as many teams as you want

  • Run team reports for better visibility into team motives, conflict, and strengths

  • Team Strengths Portraits help better understand your team culture

  • Prep for team meetings with communication tips for every person on your team

See how it all works - Video with DEMO

Log in to the platform, click Teams, and start building better teams.