Take Attendance for a Class

Take attendance to account for all participants once your class has started. If 36 hours passes after the class is complete, all learners with who have completed their pre-work will be marked as present.

To take attendance for a class in session, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to app.corestrengths.com.

  2. Click Train in the top-level navigation.

  3. Click Classes in the second-level navigation.

  4. Click the class for which you want to take attendance for.

  5. Click Take Attendance.
    Only learners who have completed their pre-work appear.

  6. Under the Attendance column next to the learner’s name, select the green check mark if the learner is present or the red X if the learner is absent.

  7. Click Finalize Attendance.
    Finalizing attendance means the class has ended. You can no longer edit the class, add or remove learners, or remind learners to take the SDI 2.0 assessment.