January Product Release Notes


  • We’ve launched a new dashboard that will serve as the home for Core Strengths. You can learn about yourself, connect with teammates, and invite new folks to take the SDI all on one page.

  • Whitelisting multiple domains (Premium feature for Arena and Total Teams customers)

  • Angular Version updated to 9.1.15 

  • Add SSO enabled flag for account


Bug Fixes:

  • Horizontal Scrolling on iPad in Forced Debrief

  • Overdone Strengths Button Styling issue in Discover > Strengths

  • Site Admin > Credits: Dead Link/404 Fixed

  • Strengths/Overdone Strengths Toggle button breaks in Slovenian Discover > Results

  • "Add Class" Screen Locks if Facilitator and Co-Facilitator are the same Facilitator

  • Coach Academy alignment of Paragraph next to Checkbox

  • Table Alignment Account > Credits

  • Promotions table change detection / horizontal scroll bar

  • Alignment issue in Compare 2.0: (Height of columns)

  • Admin Portal: Fixed a validation issue on the “Website” form while editing an Account’s Details.



  • Hungarian/Italian (hu-hu/it-it) locale support