Demo Users

Demo User information is provided for owner/admin account roles ONLY. General members will not be able to adjust demo user settings


Demo Users + CoreStrengths

Demo users are a demonstration of each user role available in each CoreStrengths account. These Demo Users help guide new customers through the expected onboarding process with CoreStrengths, by allowing members to explore features using the Demo Users before paying for additional members.

Demo Character



Demo Character
















Hiding Demo Users

Demo Users can clutter a full account. We allow owners/admins the capability to hide all demo users once they feel their members are comfortable navigating CoreStrengths platform. The steps to hide demo users are

  1. Login to and access the account you would like to update.

  2. In the top menu bar,
    hover over ACCOUNT
    and select SETTINGS from the drop down menu

  3. Under the ‘Demo Data’ section,
    select the checkbox to Hide Demo Characters
    and click the button

  4. Visit the DASHBOARD to confirm the demo users no longer appear within your ‘People’ modal.



Filter Demo Users

  1. Navigate to your table.
    Select the additional filters icon

  2. Select the checkbox to Show Demo Characters

  3. Table will automatically re-populate with Demo Characters shown, if demo characters visibility is allowed within the account

Visible in Compare & Members table ONLY




Still struggling with Demo Characters? Need additional support? Visit Core Strengths HelpDesk